Luqman estates are well known for its capabilities in making arrangements for lands, both small and large scale requirements based on the client requirements. Our land arrangement scale ranges from 1 to 200 acres and above. Be it a land developer, promoter, or a corporate conglomerates, we make arrangements for every need.

The different types of land we deal in comprises of residential properties, commercial, industrial, warehouse and agricultural lands. We also arrange residential plots on a smaller scale for our clients. All our properties are verified and double checked for legalities and paperwork. All necessary government approvals and regulations are inclusive in our property services.

Type Of Lands

  • Commercial Land
  • Commercial Building
  • Residential Lands
  • Residential Building
  • Agriculture Lands
  • Agriculture Farmers
  • Retail Spaces
  • Industrial Lands
  • Warehouse Lands
  • Warehouse Spaces
  • Industrial Buildings

For all land related queries, call us!