Having over 15 years of expertise and experience in property management across all major regions in the South India that includes Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kerala, we have established ourselves as a benchmark to newer competition.

Our empire stands tall on trust, reliability and extensive ground-work that are well backed by our meticulously acquired knowledge-base from the domestic expertise and our global vision. With a stronger presence in Karnataka, we are more affluent with the real estate domain here that is unparalleled without compromising on personal connections built over years of successful collaborations.

Luqman estates have flourished into a trustworthy establishment among a vital crowd and their connection with land owners and the knowledge of lands has created a directory that is hard to beat by any competitors. Their grounds in Karnataka have created an advantageous position in lieu of personal connections and previous experience.

Our team is remarkably efficient and exceptionally accurate in every process of the work. We have our documentation team to take care of the legalities and to handle legal procedures involved. Luqman estates can assure you a hassle-free process whether it is buying or selling a property within the guaranteed timeframe.